Is the e-commerce delegation made for you?

Is the e-commerce delegation made for you?

Have you found your brand? Are you a company director or in charge of your e-shop? But you don’t have the time, skills, or resources to carry out your commercial activity online. But also to make your turnover grow? Look no further, delegation is for you! E-commerce delegation is a service that few companies think of. However, there are many benefits to be found in it. In this article, we will detail the advantages and disadvantages. The possible missions and the profile of those who can use such a service.

What is the e-commerce delegation ?

A turnkey service! E-commerce delegation is the possibility of entrusting the commercial development, digital strategy, and technical management of your e-commerce site. You, therefore, delegate the operational part in a partial or total way to a specialized service provider.

Generally, this type of service is planned over the medium term. Indeed, you need to allow time for the service provider to develop the traffic generation strategy and develop customer loyalty. These two points are essential to ensure the sustainable growth of the online shop.

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What services in delegation?

The delegation missions are diverse and varied. They can be adapted according to your needs, skills, and objectives. The e-commerce delegation can include :

  • The creation of the e-commerce website
  • Technical management of the site: front office, back office, hosting…
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Paid referencing (SEA)
  • Social network management (SMO)
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Marketing activities in accordance with the commercial operations plan provided by you. This includes updating the site in terms of visuals, creating product sheets, putting promotional offers online, launching new products, etc.
  • CRM management: integration of newsletters, their programming, marketing automation, loyalty programme, RGPD compliance monitoring…
  • Logistics: payment management, sending of parcels, returns processing…
  • Customer service

For whom?

For any company that feels the need! From VSEs, SMEs to large groups, delegated e-commerce can be suitable when you want to develop your online business quickly and with the right skills.

Such a service obviously has advantages and disadvantages.

Delegation means remuneration

And yes, e-commerce delegation has a cost. This can be a flat-rate, turnover-based commission, or performance-based.

This cost will quickly be saved thanks to the networks of service providers already set up within the specialized agency. The agency often benefits from preferential rates. The delegated e-commerce service will quickly pay for itself and the risk will be shared.

Less stress and more results for you!

The main advantage of working through a specialized agency is the possibility of delegating all the areas that you do not control: logistics, payment platform, customer service, accommodation, etc. Indeed, many service providers can be involved and work closely with the specialized agency. You can therefore avoid spending many hours looking for the best service provider and manage a single point of contact. A significant time-saving in the management of your e-commerce activity, especially when you know that time is money!

In addition, these specialized agencies contain other in-house skills such as web marketing performance or UX design, to advise and support you throughout the development of your website. An immediate gain of experience!

Finally, it is also the assurance of having a website that is continuously updated by the technical, commercial, and strategic watch carried out for you. No more stress, you benefit from the best know-how!

To sum up, the e-commerce delegation will enable you to:

  • Freeing up time
  • Limiting the risks
  • Reduce your costs by pooling them
  • Working in pairs with a single referent
    While increasing your online turnover!

A service still useful in 2021?

The e-commerce delegation remains a fast and secure way to develop your online business activity. It is true that many companies are tending to internalize the web and digital sectors. Nevertheless, for budgetary, skills or time reasons, … delegation will appear to be the most effective solution for your expansion.

Moreover, the world is going through an unprecedented crisis. COVID-19 has forced us to change our habits, to adapt.

In many countries, businesses have been closed. Digitalisation has offered them the opportunity to continue to have an activity and, above all, a turnover. Allowing them to pay their many bills. Digitalisation has been the solution for many of them. But for some without much success. The major problem with this digitalisation is that it has often been done without the advice and support of specialists. A help that should not be neglected.

This is where, once again, e-commerce delegation comes into play. It allows many companies to embark on digitalisation with their eyes closed. Because they benefit from the help of specialists. This ensures their success. Today more than ever, digitalisation and e-commerce delegation seem to be the best solutions for any company that wants to find solutions and emerge from this crisis stronger than ever.


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