E-commerce delegation

What is the e-commerce delegation?


E-commerce delegation is a service where a company or a brand “subcontracts” its E-commerce to a team of experts. Who share the risk and are remunerated on a % of the revenues generated by the site. In this context, it is necessary to imagine that the web service provider is a commercial agent. Or even a franchisee for the brand, and whose sales territory is the “Internet”.

This service can concern each of the 3 main components of an e-commerce activity:
– the creation of an e-commerce site or its IT maintenance (corrective or upgradeable)
– the marketing animation of the merchant site can be subdivided into several areas such as natural referencing, paid referencing, emailing, community management, etc…
– logistics and customer care

If this definition still seems abstract to you, you can watch our video which explains very well what e-commerce delegation is.

What led to the creation of the E-commerce delegation?

The web is undeniably becoming more professional.

The ease of creating one’s own E-commerce shop has led entrepreneurs to “try it” on their own. For the clever ones, they will have called upon a computer scientist friend. Or the genius of freelancers to create their first shop at the lowest possible cost.

And very often, an adventure that started out as a bargain turns into a time-consuming ordeal or a money-making machine… 0€! And finally, just like when you open your physical shop on a street corner, putting a shop online is only the beginning of the adventure… not the end in itself.

A lot of expenses are incurred without being supervised by professionals in each part of the E-commerce. AdWords are a perfect example: a real lever of profitability in some cases, it can quickly become a cost sink!

This is why it is so important to delegate this part. By calling in professionals, you can be sure that you will not have to do endless tests or pay astronomical sums of money when a professional would have spent little.

The E-commerce delegation to ensure that it is in the hands of specialists

Basically, e-commerce is a very specific distribution channel that can only be properly exploited with the perfect mastery of 4 main skills:
Technology: creation, hosting, and management of a website, databases, back-office.
Online marketing: the science of bringing large amounts of qualified traffic to a site in the least expensive way possible.
Fulfilment: logistics, customer service, returns management, etc.
– Trade: i.e. the art of selling, the art of merchandising, the art of knowing how to talk to and understand consumers. And I will add the art of sourcing & buying a product offer that makes a difference.


We are pioneers of the e-commerce delegation in Luxembourg and Europe. Our team is composed of a set of specialists. whose sole aim is to help you to develop your business on the Internet and especially in Europe. You can contact us by email or leave a comment. We will be happy to help you and answer any questions you may have.

Be smart, take the digital lift!

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