E-commerce delegation advantages

10 advantages of e-commerce delegation

As with any outsourced service, the advantages are numerous. Here are 10 advantages of e-commerce delegation

1. Focus on your core business

You concentrate on your core business. The objective is to select an e-commerce specialist who will provide you with solutions.

2. A turnkey service

The service provider will provide an online shop as well as a complete service for customer follow-up, management, and acquisition. Even if the delegation contract may be partial, it is the service provider who will manage the e-commerce activity.

3. A variable cost indexed to the service provider’s success

The objective in choosing a service provider is that they should do at least as well so as not to damage your company’s image. E-commerce delegation is therefore a way of making its costs variable since, in the end, the brand will only pay a percentage of sales.

4. Improved stock rotation

By opening up this new marketing channel, you can increase your volumes and possibly take advantage of it to get better purchase prices. You, therefore, sell more, while limiting the risks.

5. Reduced time-to-market for your products

With a service provider who brings his knowledge of processes and automation to enable you to put your products on the web in a faster time than if you did it yourself.

6. No after-sales service management

The after-sales service is also managed by the service provider. If this is what you asked for when you signed the contract. Every company knows that after-sales service is a crucial point that should not be neglected. A point that often takes a lot of time and requires considerable resources. Delegating this part is a real advantage for any company wishing to focus on its core business, creation,…

7. The speed of execution

As the service provider reduces the decision-making process and is used to creating customer sites, the execution time is normally relatively short.

8. A small investment needed

For the brand, there is no investment since the mission is entrusted to a service provider who will take charge of the development of the site. In exchange, the service provider will take a certain percentage of the sale.

9. Immediate experience

One of the main advantages of the e-commerce delegation is the experience that your website will have immediately. You do not need to recruit a team, which can sometimes take several weeks or months. You can rely on methods that have been tried and tested on other e-commerce sites and you can manage a single service provider.

For you, this means enormous time savings in the management of your e-commerce activity. An e-commerce site requires a huge amount of time for daily management, monitoring, research, and analysis.

10. Best Use of Human Resource

Proper delegation means effective use of the workforce. Task assigned keeping in mind the skills of an employee often gives good results.
As you have chosen to delegate the e-commerce part of your business to professionals. You know that you are in good hands. In the hands of a team of experts. All are gifted in their field. A real advantage

To conclude

E-commerce is a specific activity that requires special skills. Today (and even more so since the COVID crisis that is currently affecting us) the Internet sales channel cannot be neglected.

If you are not a pure e-commerce player but a retailer with a physical shop. And you want to improve the performance of your e-commerce site so that it brings you sufficient turnover. You can sign a service contract with a company that will take care of one of the aspects of e-commerce performance.

E-commerce delegation is really an outsourcing service governed by a contract with a performance-based remuneration system. And the advantages of e-commerce delegation are numerous.

Powerlab is a pioneer in e-commerce delegation in Luxembourg and Europe. We put the know-how of our team at your disposal. And we guide you through all the steps. By working hand in hand, you do not become dependent on a third party. You will be able to reproduce what we have applied to your business.

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