What is the digitalisation ?

Digitalisation is a word that still seems a bit abstract to us. Yet it is all around us. Only we don’t give it a clear definition.

There are several possible definitions. But the digitalisation we are interested in here relates to these definitions:

  1. Digitalisation refers to a set of processes that consist of transforming traditional processes, objects, tools. Or even professions using digital technologies in order to make them more efficient. Since the arrival of the Internet, it has been demanding. For example, in order to digitalise a company. It is necessary to create a digital version of it. The site will be a showcase for the company’s various activities.
  2. Adoption of digital technologies to modify a business model. The aim is to create a value from the use of new. Advanced technologies by exploiting digital network dynamics and the giant digital flow of information.
  3. The use of digital technologies to upgrade processes.
  4. It is the process by which companies reorganize their work methods and strategies to obtain greater benefits. Thanks to the implementation of new technologies.
  5. Known as the integration of digital technologies into everyday life by the digitization of everything that can be digitized (IGI Global, 2019a ).

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