Increase your sales by enhancing your marketplaces presence

Increase your sales by enhancing your marketplaces presence

Today, the vast majority of us buy on marketplaces. This represents millions of visitors every day. Marketplaces, such as Amazon, Rakuten, and CDiscount are a real opportunity to boost your sales and your reputation with less effort.

As you have noticed, online sales are increasing significantly. The health crisis linked to Covid-19 has benefited e-tailers who have seen a 41% increase in online purchases in the first 9 months of 2020. But this is not temporary! Indeed, customers intend to increase their online purchases by 15% even when the situation returns to normal. And 60% say they will continue to buy online using home delivery or in-store collection (source: Google and Shopify studies).

It is now essential to offer consumers solutions to make buying online easier. This is why, in addition to or instead of your e-commerce site, you can position yourself on marketplaces. To boost the sales of your products and your reputation!

How to take advantage of Marketplaces?

Whether you already have an e-commerce site or not, whether you are just starting your business or not, with their millions of daily visitors, marketplaces represent a real opportunity to boost your sales!

Marketplaces: millions of potential buyers

A marketplace is any location, whether in person or online, that facilitates the exchange of goods between buyers and sellers. In the most well-known cases, a commission is levied by the site on each sale. The biggest marketplaces worldwide are Amazon, JD, eBay, Tmall, and Taobao.

Marketplaces are extremely successful and have an excellent reputation. Amazon has more than 32 million unique visitors every month, CDiscount (a french one) more than 22 million, and eBay nearly 10.4 million!

The way it works is as follows: you register on the platform, then you list your products. Several tricks exist to make you stand out from the other sellers on the platform. Depending on the marketplaces, they take care of shipping, returns, after-sales service, etc. In return, you pay a commission fee on sales.

Marketplaces: the right way to launch your business!

Marketplaces allow you to offer your products for sale to millions of Internet users in just a few clicks. They are likely to buy your products on these platforms even though they do not know your company or your brand. Customers trust the platform and know that it will be able to provide them with solutions in case of problems. These platforms allow you to develop your business quickly.

On the other hand, unlike e-commerce sites, a marketplace does not belong to you. You have no freedom over its appearance.

Increase your sales thanks to marketplaces

Marketplaces represent a high value-added business that can bring you faster profitability and growth, particularly through

  • the expansion of your catchment area,
  • a gain in visibility,
  • an audience from all over Europe, or the world.

What are the advantages for consumers?

The advantages of the marketplace for the company are numerous. For buyers, the advantages are just as interesting, including

  • numerous references in one place
  • easy comparison of prices and services
  • a seamless shopping experience
  • buying from a reliable site
  • secure payment
  • etc.


By now you have probably realised that marketplaces can be a real springboard for your business, or simply a complement. The choice is yours.

Don’t worry, we won’t let you down now. In this article, we explain how to sell like an expert on marketplaces.

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By the way, we, Powerlab, are experts in marketplaces. We are in direct contact with about thirty of them. We know them well, both their advantages and disadvantages. So if you want to launch your products and/or services on marketplaces we can help you to position yourself well. Please contact us! We will be happy to discuss with you and to propose solutions adapted to your needs.

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