The 5 main benefits of e-commerce delegation

The 5 main benefits of e-commerce delegation

If you are a retailer and are thinking of launching a new e-commerce sales channel. Or if you are a company director with part of your activity carried out through your website (making appointments, requesting quotes, selling products or services). Are you aware of the services of the e-commerce delegation?

It is simply a matter of outsourcing the management of this activity to experts. Just as a company can use an accounting firm to manage its finances. Using this analogy, before hiring a chartered accountant, a company will ask itself a number of questions: internal skills and resources, recruitment, costs, etc. In the same way, what are the advantages of contracting a partner to manage your e-commerce activities? In this article, we reveal the five major benefits of e-commerce delegation.

Benefit 1: increased in sales and turnover

This is the main advantage of hiring a web marketing partner. His role is primarily to develop a company’s online sales. Thanks to their expertise in all areas of digital marketing (knowledge of online markets, advertising methods, existing tools, etc.), this “partner” will enable you to maximize the performance of each marketing action undertaken. It will even invite you to explore new, unknown, or previously unthought-of avenues. Its presence minimizes the risks of loss of earnings and often improves the return on marketing investment. That is, it allows you to find and optimize the break-even point between marketing expenditure and sales achieved.

in other other words, e-commerce delegation can allow you to earn money faster.

Benefit 2: The partner provides you sound advice (research and strategy)

Successful online marketing depends on mastering each of the following tactics:

  • making your target market aware of your offer,
  • getting your target market to visit your website,
  • ensuring the best possible experience on your website to maximise the chances of turning those visits into sales,
  • and finally, building loyalty so that your customers come back more often, buy more products. And talk about you to their friends and family.

Each of these tactics is a component of your online business strategy, your digital strategy. For each of these tactics, there are specific levers, methods, and tools that need to be mastered to the level of art. In order to maximize results. A web marketing consultancy partner will not only provide you with know-how but also advice and professional tools to be able to provide you with the research and advice you need to design and refine your strategy. If I sell several services, should I create as many websites? What budget should I invest in advertising? And so on.

Benefit 3: The partner allows you to focus on your core business

Let us return to the example of the accountancy firm. In this case, the complexity of the tasks to be carried out is perhaps more obvious. So is the operational heaviness and the importance of the stakes involved in poor accounting management: legal risks, fines, criminal liability, etc. Relieving oneself of this type of responsibility allows one to concentrate on one’s core business, one’s company, one’s clients, knowing that the work will be done well because it will be done by experts.

The same is true for digital marketing. Whether it’s SEO, programmatic advertising campaign management, or email management, each of these disciplines requires specialized skills. As well as a lot of time. And the penalties can be severe since the consequences of poor management will be felt directly on the company’s performance and its ability to achieve its business objectives. By entrusting these tasks to a web marketing agency, the company director, marketing manager, or e-commerce manager will be able to devote themselves to other tasks with greater added value. While having the assurance of quality work to achieve the objectives set.

In the article “Delegate to focus on your core business” we explain in more detail how the partner to whom you delegate your digital part allows you to better focus on your core business.

Benefit 4: Consulting partner saves money

Recruiting web professionals is becoming increasingly difficult.

Firstly, as we saw earlier, because of the constant evolution of the sector and the specificities of its professions. Today, a company that does not understand the specificities of the different jobs between an SEO expert, a traffic manager, an acquisition manager, risks recruiting a profile that does not really correspond to its needs. And to completely miss its digital development strategy.

Secondly, due to the increasing demand in the digital sector, the most competent profiles can afford to be demanding. The salary level of an e-commerce manager is $65,507 gross per year on average. On top of this, there is a significant investment in terms of personnel management, management in general, motivation, etc. It should also be noted that the level of turnover is high in this field: 1 to 2 years on average. Finally, although the costs of training are often well-financed nowadays, this always represents additional periods of absence. And sometimes a loss of earnings for the company on specific aspects of the marketing strategy.

The e-commerce delegation in this case allows you to save money but also time.

Benefit 5: The partner brings flexibility and competitiveness

If you are a start-up or a company launching a new activity with a new website to generate sales (e-commerce) or requests for quotations. You may be wondering whether you should recruit a person. It is an investment and an important bet on the future as well since you have to plan for the long term. However, calling on a partner in the early stages of business development can bring you decisive advantages:

  • Designing an effective digital strategy. Ideally even before creating the website, since it is the market, target and competition studies that will determine the choice of content. But also technology and budget for the website.
  • Knowing the level of marketing investment required to achieve your objectives. Means that you can anticipate costs, have a better grasp of what is at stake. And have a clearer vision of the challenges to be faced.
  • Delegation allows you to limit the risks by outsourcing the management of digital marketing actions month by month. Without committing yourself to a long-term recruitment.

Depending on the market response, seasonality, your internal or external constraints (Covid crisis for example), you remain in control of your marketing. You can reduce the size of your business, or even put it on hold in markets with high seasonality.


All of these elements need to be considered very carefully as they provide a great deal of flexibility and often performance levels that make a difference to the success of your business. All you have to remember is that delegation allows you to focus on your core business. While saving time and money. And explore some new fields that you will have not have thought about without your delegate partner.

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Become an expert in e-commerce delegation by reading this article.

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