Delegate to focus on your business

Delegate to focus on your business

E-commerce delegation is simply the possibility for you to entrust the keys to the commercial development of your e-commerce website to an expert. A bit like an e-commerce manager who would take care of your website for you. Delegate offers you the possibility to focus on your core business.

In delegation mode, you will build the e-commerce strategy in collaboration with him/her, but you will not be in charge of carrying out the operations.

This is a good way to have experts in charge of your website without having to recruit, train or manage them. You have an operational and ready-to-use team to boost your business.

Find the definition of e-commerce delegation here.

Delegate the management of your website: E-commerce delegation

Delegating the management of your website consists in entrusting a partner with the management of certain parts of your e-commerce. Such as the website itself (software, hosting, updates, configuration), the commercial activity of the website (product sheets, photos, commercial animations, loyalty). And the follow-up of orders and customers (logistics and shipping, customer reminders, complaint management).

Why delegate all or part of your e-commerce management?

Because you lack the time to manage your site effectively. And you lack the technical knowledge and resources to develop a successful website.

What to expect from the e-commerce delegation?

You will find a reliable partner you can rely on. He will be able to manage your website in all its aspects. All this in synergy with your teams. He will thus be able to increase his visibility and performance.

Delegation of the technique

The minimum offer of any e-commerce delegation is to take care of the technical part of the shop: hosting on a server appropriate to the volume of your activity. But it also includes the installation and updating of the tool managing the e-shop.

Marketing delegation

All the techniques, tools, and marketing know-how of a team of professionals are at your disposal. Whether it is SEO: natural referencing, advertising, emailing. Or affiliation, Marketplaces, price comparison. But also customer reminders on abandoned shopping carts,…
So many marketing techniques that you need to master perfectly to optimize visits and sales on your site.

Commercial delegation

It is a matter of livening up your e-shop by putting forward products according to the periods that are favorable to your activity. Like the different holidays: Halloween, Christmas, Easter,… But also according to the seasons and therefore the collections.
And of course the updating of your catalogue.

These are the main tasks of a successful commercial animation.

Customer delegation

From managing customer emails to taking into account customer feedback to improve the website. From the management of social networks to the management of complaints, …
So many subjects are part of the e-reputation.

The action of your e-commerce manager is often at the level of advice and communication relay.
Because the field of e-reputation is the DNA of the company and the actions must come from your departments.


Delegating allows you to focus on your core business. That said, keep in mind that e-commerce delegation can be partial or total depending on your wishes and requirements. And that you are free at any time to express your disagreement. This is a team effort we are talking about here.
That is why it is also important to find a partner you can trust. A partner with whom you can be sure of a smooth transition.

Powerlab has established itself as a reliable and sustainable partner for many brands in Europe. Please feel free to contact us or leave a comment. We would be happy to discuss this with you.

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