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Why is SEO so underused?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the number one digital acquisition lever. And yet it is often ignored or not exploited enough by companies. Are companies well aware of the potential or is it just a problem of internal resources? In the long term, Search Engine Optimisation is stable, with one of the best returns on investment.

Companies do not understand the value of natural referencing

Web agencies, marketers, and SEOs make SEO the main lever in digital acquisition. While they constantly try to persuade companies that this source of traffic should be optimized for their website. But they are not the decision-makers and it is always the client who has the final decision.

Even if in some situations, the marketing manager understands the benefits and challenges of this lever. Most of the time they need the approval of the management for the implementation of an SEO strategy. And they are generally unaware of its potential. The delay in the digitalization of European SMEs is particularly due to a lack of time for their managers to train.

Too few companies are aware of the importance of this digital acquisition lever

For most companies, digital visibility is only a complement to their marketing, but not essential. If your company is doing well and the prospects are good, what is the point of being on the internet? And attracting customers through this source? If a company is asking this question, it is because they don’t understand digital visibility. And don’t realize that it is the new way to attract customers.

Internet users are curious, fussy, and fugitive, moving from website to website. Before buying a product, a service, or choosing a restaurant, an estimated 60% of them question the search engines. For more substantial purchases such as a computer, a car, a trip or a house, we are talking about 80%. We also note that nearly 9 out of 10 consumers consult customer reviews on the Internet before making a purchase. So if you are not present, without a review, your potential customer will go to your competitor.

It is obvious that a company that is not on the web gradually becomes invisible with a loss of earnings… And eventually disappears. It is estimated that companies that are not in the digital world will disappear within 10 years. This is already the case for companies that have disappeared because they have missed the digital transformation of their business. The use of modern technologies is already part of consumers’ daily lives. Companies must therefore respond to these new uses.

Internet users are sensitive to the way companies have an online presence

Being on the web is good but the presentation must be neat. It’s just like the salesman who approaches his clients, they put on a suit to look presentable, bring documents… On the web, it’s exactly the same, Internet users are also sensitive to the way companies are present. Both on your site and in the search engines.

They look at the information in your blog posts (complementary to any successful SEO strategy). As well as the number of times your company appears in the search engine. The highlighting on Google My Business, the photos made available to the Internet user, the reviews… All these elements allow you to be visible and inspire confidence. We can conclude by saying that a brand with a lot of visibility inspires more trust.

We can see that 50% of users are more likely to click on a link when the brand appears several times in the search engine results. A website that is well-positioned in search engines is a true extension of your business!

In marketing, SEO generates the best return on investment

In marketing campaigns, it is difficult to convince a company that what is not immediately measurable is still positive for their business. And to persuade them that what is invisible is not ineffective.

When a restaurant owner puts flyers on the windscreens of cars, is it profitable between the price of the flyer, the time spent, and the bad image with the people in the neighborhood. Who is fed up with receiving these papers on their car? It is not always the case but they see the flyers on the cars and it reassures them.

Of course, natural referencing in terms of ROI (return on investment) is less easy to measure than paid referencing. We also agree that the effects of SEO take longer to be felt. It’s in-depth work that takes time to have a real impact. But in the end, when we compare the results of natural methods and those of paid techniques. We see that SEO is the lever that generates the best marketing ROI over the medium and long term.

The explosion of mobile

With the explosion of mobile and the development of local SEO. It is becoming more and more necessary to be visible to Internet users. Where potential customers are looking, i.e. on the net.

The investment in SEO is less than in an advertising strategy. But above all the effects produced are much more lasting. Natural referencing also helps to develop notoriety and bring confidence to Internet users. To grow, gain market share and new customers. You need to be visible and inspire confidence in your visitors (especially with testimonials and interviews).

Another positive points, SEO traffic is already pre-qualified. Since it is part of an active approach by the user and is positioned following a keyword. If your site appears, it is because you respond to the request of the user.

SEO, a matter of positioning? Yes, but not only…

We agree that SEO is about positioning your website’s web pages on search engines but it is not just that! Positioning is the first effect but it also helps to develop the credibility and reputation of your company. Your website also becomes a dynamic showcase that informs customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, even when your business is not open.

The credibility of your image results from a notable presence on search engines. If the user arrives on your website it is proof of the relevance of your web pages, and the answer to the search. It is also proof of the quality of the products and services offered. A page that arrives in the first search results is not in this position by chance.

Now, with Google, the principle of natural referencing is largely based on web content. The content can be put on a blog or directly on the pages of the website.

A semantic net linking campaign is also necessary to increase the popularity of your website. This step is to create links from other websites of the same theme to your website.

Apart from a contribution to natural referencing, the content published by the company allows you to assert your expertise in your field and demonstrate your know-how in order to reassure potential customers that you are the company that best meets their needs.

A solid and sustainable SEO marketing strategy leads to a company being more visible. But also more credible and increasingly known by consumers. Don’t wait any longer to invest in SEO!


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