Traffic Acquisition

Improve your online visibility to generate traffic (traffic acquisition)

Traffic acquisition is essential in a digital strategy. It is by generating traffic to your site from search engines. That you turn strangers into visitors and potential future customers. With so many searches carried out every day, referencing remains an essential lever to be activated.

How to increase your visibility with SEO and generate qualified traffic on your site?

  1. Optimise your natural referencing to generate traffic
  2. Invest in online advertising
  3. Work on your influence marketing
  4. Measure and improve your performance

An acquisition channel is a lever to generate traffic on your website. Some like social, e-mailing. And direct traffic implies that the visitor already knows your company. New customers will come to your website more via referrals, natural referencing. Or even paid to reference or another online advertising format.

Here are 11 acquisition levers that can be very powerful. And that will complete your reading.

Optimise your natural referencing to generate traffic

SEO Optimisation

Internet users carry out several searches every day. Nowadays, searches are also vocal. This phenomenon has radically changed search behavior. Queries are longer and Internet users ask real questions to search engines.

If you make sure that the pages of your website answer the questions that people ask themselves. Then you will generate traffic. By targeting the keywords your target audience is looking for. Natural referencing will allow you to acquire qualified traffic.

Natural referencing is therefore a veritable war of positions. Where the first ten sites displayed on the first page spread out almost all the clicks. Being displayed as high as possible is a real challenge. Especially in ultra-competitive sectors. Each position is won by means of very fine optimizations. This is why we also talk about Search Engine Optimization.

To generate traffic on your site, it is therefore essential to optimize your natural referencing.

Invest in online advertising

SEA - PPC (traffic acquisition)

The search results page has changed a lot in recent years. Online advertising has invaded social media but also search engines. In some industries, only one or two websites are naturally visible on the first screen.

The challenge of visibility has therefore become a profitable one. Investing in an advertising campaign, therefore, makes it possible to generate traffic to your website. In the case of search engine advertising, we talk about SEA. It consists in buying keywords to spread your ads. You pay per click, i.e. you only pay if traffic is acquired. Although expensive, advertising campaigns are levers that allow you to control your ROI and get results quickly.

Work on your influence marketing

Influence marketing

Referring sites are also a source of traffic acquisition for your site. Thanks to influence marketing, you can allow your website to be visible on social media, blogs, or expertise sites. Links on these high-audience sites can generate additional visits to your website.

At the same time, links are also a key indicator for Google. Attesting to the popularity of a site. Developing your backlinks (inbound links) can therefore help your SEO. The more the site is reputed and the more contextualized the link is. The more it will have a positive impact on your natural referencing.

Measure and improve your performance

Measure and improve your performance : traffic acquisition

Working on your SEO and SEA is like working on your Search Engine Marketing (SEM). And as in any marketing campaign, measurement is essential. In SEO, you define targets, objectives to be reached. KPIs and campaign reporting. Performance monitoring allows you to validate the success of the objectives.

In SEO, maintaining one’s positions and therefore one’s positioning objectives is a challenge in itself. Frequent reporting enables you to react quickly in the event of a drop in traffic. With effective performance monitoring, you can generate traffic to your site on a long-term basis.


Improve your online visibility to generate traffic is essential. If you don’t know where to start or you just want to delegate this part you can contact us. Or you can have a look at this article “The different types of digital marketing & how to use them” which will guide you to succeed.

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