In increasingly competitive markets, companies must adapt and offer an optimal service to meet customer expectations.

To constantly improve their service, several tools are at their disposal. Among them, Artificial Intelligence represents today a formidable tool to improve customer knowledge. And to offer products and services perfectly adapted to their expectations.

In the e-commerce market, AI has an important place today and represents a real challenge for companies.

Indeed, the use of Artificial Intelligence tools is a real asset to face competition and significantly improve its e-commerce service.

Challenges of e-commerce

Because of its potential and the masses of information it offers, Artificial Intelligence can respond to different challenges. This is why it is used in different fields.

E-commerce is no exception to the rule since the uses of AI are multiple. And allow for improved customer relations thanks to a more adapted service offer.

Companies, therefore, need to adapt to new customer needs and to the increasing competition in the markets.

AI tools will thus make it possible to respond to the various challenges that e-commerce poses to companies:

  • Analysis of the competition
  • Improvement of physical shops
  • Adaptations to new customer behavior
  • More precise customer targeting
  • Identification of improvements

In e-commerce, AI thus enables companies to significantly improve their services. But also to perfect their marketing strategy in order to better target their customers.

In the face of competition, customer satisfaction is one of the essential points on which AI will enable considerable improvement.

AI tools for e-commerce

Visual recognition

In order to capture as many customers as possible on merchant sites. It is essential to respond as accurately and quickly as possible to customer needs.

To meet these objectives, the principle of visual recognition will be particularly adapted. This branch of AI is based on Machine learning. In order to make it possible to recognize an object instantaneously from a single image.

Visual recognition will be able to be used by users. From a simple photo taken of the desired object. They will be able to be directed to the website of purchase or to a similar product.

This technique is used today by merchant sites such as Rakuten (formerly PriceMinister). Which offers users easy access to a range of products corresponding to customer expectations. Simply by using a barcode.

The combination of Offline and Online

The improvement of Artificial Intelligence tools is therefore based on reality. In order to improve and offer a service that is best adapted to the customer.

To do this, a great deal of data and information on consumption habits is available. And customer needs, allow us to adjust the offer according to each customer. This improvement in the purchasing process involves taking into account a wide range of information about customers. As: habits, needs, purchase history, information, opinions, and comments….

Personalization of the offer

Today’s customer requirements are increasingly high. Indeed, consumers want a quick and relevant response to their needs.

Thanks to Machine Learning, e-commerce sites will improve the customer experience by offering “recommendations” or “suggestions” to customers. These different elements of personalized browsing allow us to accompany the customer. But also to significantly improve the product offer.

This ” ultra-personalization ” is today a real challenge for the e-commerce sector. It can considerably increase the satisfaction of each customer’s needs.

Modification of the customer relationship

With Artificial Intelligence tools, e-commerce websites aim to improve their customer relations.

Indeed, the personalization of exchanges and adapted recommendations perfectly meet customer expectations. Are undeniable assets for improving customer relations. And by the same token the conversion rate.

Better advice and support throughout the search process. The customer will be more inclined to make a purchase. Ultra-personalization thanks to AI tools and techniques will enable e-commerce websites to enrich customer relations. Thanks to more precise and relevant recommendations to meet everyone’s needs.

An evolution in Retail

At a time of digitalization and the increase in online shopping. E-commerce is taking an increasingly important place in everyday life. In order to offer a more efficient online user experience, various websites are adopting Artificial Intelligence techniques.

For example, Cdiscount relies on AI techniques to improve the segmentation of its promotional campaigns. By sending targeted discount vouchers and tailor-made offers.

This principle of “clustering” makes it possible to considerably improve the ROI (Return on Investment) of companies. Thanks to more precise and effective targeting. The improvement of customer knowledge coupled with purchase forecasts will become a real asset for optimizing e-commerce websites.

With these new AI techniques, the retail sector has been completely rethought. And there are still many future developments to come.

Among these, we can already see the emergence of V-commerce. Based on virtual reality, i.e. customer immersion in a dematerialized environment. V-commerce may represent the future of e-commerce.

This new type of commerce offers the possibility of providing a shopping experience by recreating the feeling of buying in a physical shop.

Although this type of commerce is still in its infancy. It heralds a constant evolution of retail in the future. Combining Artificial Intelligence and virtual experience.


You now see the essential role that AI plays in e-commerce. It goes without saying that we will have to be watchful when it comes to the development of V-commerce.

To remain competitive, you have to be innovative! And above all, you must keep up to date with the latest news.

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