Who makes it possible to digitalize

Who makes it possible to digitalize?

Nowadays more and more companies are specialized in digitalization and support them in this process. You can therefore choose to digitalize your company by your own means or to trust a company that will accompany you throughout the digitization process. Then who exactly makes it possible to digitalize? And who will give you all the keys to success?

Who is digitalization for?

All companies, especially those in sectors that are underdeveloped: from a competitive point of view.

To remain competitive, to differentiate oneself from the competition, it is important to think about digitalisation.

The current circumstances and the pandemic that has hit us all hard are proof of this. The so-called “non-essential” businesses that have had to close their doors have found themselves destitute. Without any recourse solutions.

This is why digitalisation is important for businesses, on the one hand, because sales are made via the internet and no longer in physical form (directly in the shop). On the other hand, because digitalisation has no limits or restrictions.

It is obvious that digitalization takes place gradually and not immediately. However, even the smallest changes can bring great benefits to your business.

Digitalization by your own means

You have a hairdressing salon and you want to move slowly towards digitalisation. It may seem absurd to you because you don’t really see how you could digitalize a craft job. It’s simple, you can improve it by using specific digitalisation tools.

  1. Customer reviews.
    Nowadays, phones have become an important part of our lives. And before going to a shop, many people look at the comments and stars of the shop. The higher the rating, the more likely customers are to visit.
    In order for customers to leave you a review, you need to create your “google form” via google my business. You will have to fill in all the information about your business, add photos, all the necessary information. In addition, it is important to respond to customer reviews, whether positive or negative.
  2. Online Appointment.
    To differentiate yourself from the competition. And to attract customers who are keen on online appointments. You could offer online appointment scheduling. It would require you to have an online diary for all appointments, both for customers who make appointments directly online and for those who call in to the salon. You could also send them a text message the day before the appointment to remind them of the time.
  3. Website
    A website even as a showcase, i.e. no sales are made on it. Can give you greater visibility. Your customers or new customers will then be able to see the services you offer and at what price and the complementary products you offer. Such as shampoos, care products, smoothing irons…

Digitalization accompanied by specialists

Companies that are the most advanced in their digital transformation are growing 6 times faster than those that are lagging behind. As a VSE/SME manager, you certainly understand that digital transformation is a priority for many companies. However, modernizing equipment or acquiring digital tools can weigh heavily on the budget of a small company.

Several digitalization specialists offer their services in various ranges. This ensures that they can address all companies and all budgets. You can do your own research to find your specialist or you can, like many brands, trust us and become one of our partners.

Or you can start by working with a digital marketing expert. You will find 20 of them on this list.

To Conclude

To the question of who makes it possible to digitalize? In my opinion, after reading this article, you all have an idea of an answer.

Although you can completely undertake this process on your own. Being accompanied by a professional and benefiting from the advice of a specialist can prove to be more interesting. On the one hand, because you won’t be able to move forward at a snail’s pace, and on the other hand because you will be able to digitalize yourself more quickly.

In addition, Powerlab is an expert in digitalisation. We work harder every day to be a top-of-mind reference for any company willing for an ambitious digital development. Thanks to a visionary and technical approach, Powerlab has arisen as a key partner to fulfill digital dreams. Our mission is to reveal our client’s digital potential and lift their activity to the next level throughout the EU.

Ready to take the digital lift?

Feel free to ask us any questions. You can contact us or leave a comment.

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