Cross border

The notion of “Cross border”

Today with globalization, the notion of borders no longer makes sense. In Europe, the notion seems even more abstract thanks to the Schengen area. Which allows the free mobility of people but also of goods.

As a result, it is possible to sell easily throughout Europe without the notion of borders. An asset that should be taken advantage of.

In particular by doing EU e-commerce, i.e. selling via its website throughout Europe. It is important to note that for a good development it is necessary to offer several languages. And not only French, English, and Spanish.

In order to maximize your chances of sales and visibility. Offering a website in the vast majority of European languages is a real asset. And allows future customers to feel immediately confident. And not have to refer only to images to understand what the website offers in terms of products and services.

By translating its site into a few targeted languages (European languages here). And by offering the right payment methods according to the targeted countries, it is possible to significantly increase sales.

Cross Border e-commerce

The term cross-border e-commerce generally refers to the sales activity carried out on an e-commerce site with customers located in a country other than the country where the e-commerce site is located. In this case, it is therefore a form of internationalization of the activity which does not really require a foreign location.

The term cross-border e-commerce can also refer to the fact of selling to foreign customers by being present in a foreign marketplace. In this case, it is also in the seller’s interest not to actually set up business abroad and a large proportion of logistics. And customs operations can be managed by the marketplace established in the target market.

You are not familiar with the word “Marketplace”, well you can read this post to know more about it.

What we know about it

Our mission is to reveal our client’s digital potential and lift their activity to the next level throughout the EU.

At Powerlab, we have this digital culture flowing through our veins like in San Francisco. But we don’t forget where we come from and where we go.
What drives us every day is the feeling of significantly improving the digital performance of each of our clients. And allow them to spread their footprint throughout the EU.
Made up of passionate e-commerce professionals, the team is on constant watch and takes to heart to analyze, explore and adapt its strategy to deliver a tailor-made turnkey solution.

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