The 6 key steps to successful digital acquisition

The 6 key steps to a successful digital acquisition

Acquire new prospects and convert them into customers. The dream of every company, and it can be made possible thanks to a successful digital acquisition strategy.

Major brands and agencies compete with each other to attract their audiences to their products, services or/and offers. Social networks, affiliations, optimization, content marketing, or even online advertising campaigns. These are all traffic acquisition levers that form the core of inbound marketing. Today it is important to provide quality content that meets the expectations of consumers. It is, therefore, necessary to turn to a digital strategy that stems from inbound marketing. To encourage and encourage the consumer to become a prospect in one click, then a customer, and finally the holy grail: an ambassador.

In order to put your strategy in place, here are the 6 key steps to successful digital acquisition.

1. Setting digital acquisition targets

Boosting sales and the number of visitors

The first step in establishing digital acquisition actions is to define the objectives.

For e-merchants and service providers alike, the way forward is clear. The acquisition channels must attract and convince their target audiences. In the end, to boost sales. The strategy consists of converting a maximum number of visitors into prospects. And then accompanying them towards a purchase.

Gaining visibility

Bloggers or influencers prefer to increase their visibility. They are keen to use the various levers to acquire fans, followers, and visitors. A growing but above all loyal community. This is what gives them the notoriety they need to make a living from their digital activity. It is therefore necessary to be inspired by their methods. In order to see what techniques they use to gain visibility and notoriety.

Defining the target audience

It goes without saying that in order to attract new prospects, you need to offer quality content. It must be engaging and effective. But above all, it must meet the expectations of the target audience. That’s why in the objectives, it is essential to know who you are interested in. What are their needs? Their fears? What are their aspirations? Their languages? These are all questions that must be answered before launching digital acquisition actions.

Budgeting for marketing actions

Digital acquisition objectives are also defined by the budget allocated to digital marketing actions. Do you have a large budget and your objective is to acquire new customers over a short period of time? Advertising campaigns or referrals via Google ads or even social networks. Are the best way to quickly convert visitors into leads. However, you need to know how to go about it. We can advise you on this, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

Quantified objectives are essential to calculate the return on investment.

2. Optimizing traffic acquisition levers to attract consumers

In order to acquire potential new consumers, digital prospecting must be extended to the various communication channels preferred by the target audience. An approach that is taken from Inbound Marketing, or the art of creating quality content at the right time and in the right place.

Content Marketing

In a digital acquisition strategy, capturing new prospects or customers starts with quality content. Content that educates informs, inspires, and entertains. It is essential to build an intelligent and loyal relationship with future consumers.

To be converted into future prospects, they need to be engaged by the content on offer, with topics relevant to their needs. Solutions to their problems or fears. This is why it is important to offer inspiring content that they will identify with.

The content must be motivating, to direct them to the first click. This can be argued and convincing texts, attractive visuals, or catchy titles.

However, beware, the content must not stray from the universe of the proposed offer. The values of the brand or company must be highlighted so that the audience can identify with them.

Social networks

Social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube, used wisely, offer great levers to acquire new prospects and generate leads. Users are looking for engaging and constructive content to build a lasting relationship with brands, retailers, or influencers.

Consumers now have a choice. They are faced with a constant barrage of offers and content. This is why they are looking to give meaning to their purchasing act. This search is essentially based on the quality of what they see or read.

Via social networks, companies must demonstrate how their offers respond to consumers’ problems? To encourage them to click.

Influencers and bloggers also have a role to play in attracting new prospects. Through an affiliation strategy. Brands will then promote their offers via influencers, in return for a percentage of their sales.

The notoriety of influencers whose community corresponds to the target audience allows them to position products with a direct link to the brand’s merchant site. A wise way to increase the number of visitors.

By allocating a promotional code to users from the influencer’s community, brands can measure the sales made through this type of acquisition channel.


Less expensive than a keyword campaign on Google, content optimization aims to increase the visibility of a site on search engines. A strategy that pays off in the long term. But the results are longer than a short-term advertising campaign. On the other hand, unlike SEA, which stops once you stop paying, SEO allows you to be listed almost permanently.

Search engine optimization consists of selecting keywords. According to the volumes of searches and the intentions of requests of the target audience. In order to generate qualified traffic. Sites thus increase their positioning on the search results page. A positioning that guarantees a greater proportion of Internet users to click on the proposed link.

To select the keywords and their positioning, you can use tools such as Google trends, SpyFu, or WordStream.

Online advertising

Faster to set up, online advertising via Google Adwords, “Adwords Smart Bidding” with automated bidding or Social Ads on social networks are quick ways to acquire new customers.

With Google Ads or SEA ads, you bid for and buy keywords that are relevant to your target group’s search intentions. To position yourself at the top of the search results as a sponsored ad.

Retargeting is another lever that is often underused. This advertising approach makes it possible to publish ads according to a targeted audience that is sensitive to what you offer.

3. Converting visitors into leads

Online form and call-to-action

With one click, the user is drawn to your page. They pass through the social network or search engine and end up on your site. The challenge now is to keep them coming, by converting them into leads.

This is where forms and other call-to-actions come into play. In exchange for email addresses, forms for subscribing to newsletters or downloading a white paper are the prerogative of many sites. Even if today these methods tend to annoy the customer. Instead, focus on a discount in exchange for an email address. This is always a pleasing approach. Or a call-to-action that asks for the prospect’s opinion or feelings.

This is essential for expanding their database of prospects and future customers.

Landing pages

Another acquisition channel is landing pages. This is a temporary landing page from an external link. The landing page is the result of a campaign to highlight a specific offer. The action button must be attractive and clearly visible in order to encourage the user to click on it and, consequently, to take action!

4. Encouraging prospects to become new customers

Mailing campaign

After collecting emails from new prospects, the next step is to feed the relationship. Setting up a targeted newsletter campaign is a great tool to enhance your offer and support your prospects in their buying process.


Scoring consists of assigning a score to a prospect. It is a question of defining to what degree they correspond to your target audience. A marketing method that allows you to target actions on prospects who are receptive to your offer and who are therefore likely to become future customers. To rate them, you can, for example, base your actions on the rate at which they open emails. Do they open them every time? How do they interact?

5. Building customer loyalty and converting customers into ambassadors

Customer satisfaction

In the age of customer reviews and likes, customer satisfaction must be an intrinsic part of the digital acquisition strategy.

A satisfied customer is a user who will most certainly want to leave an enthusiastic comment and thus become your best ambassador. A lever of trust to be used to convince new prospects to buy.

Additional offers

After the purchase, complementary offers and personalized content are excellent ways to retain new customers.

This acquisition channel usually involves sending anticipatory promotional offers that are likely to meet customers’ needs.

6. Measuring marketing results and performance

Performance indicators, otherwise known as KPIs, measure the relevance of marketing actions. They are essential for knowing the effectiveness of your digital acquisition strategy.

The primary KPIs measure the turnover generated as a result of the actions carried out. Such as the number of products purchased following an online advertising campaign.

The secondary KPIs allow you to evaluate the prospects acquired as a result of the marketing tools put in place. Such as the number of downloads of a white paper or the rate of opening of a newsletter or of unsubscribing.

To conclude

The digital acquisition strategy remains unavoidable to boost sales or to spread awareness. Powerlab is a digital pioneer company, we are able to help you in your digital acquisition. We put in place cutting-edge digital marketing tools and actions to optimize your positioning.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, we would be delighted to talk to you. You can also leave a comment.

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