E-commerce delegation - 5 reasons to delegate

5 reasons to delegate the management of your e-commerce website

Experience shows that outsourcing allows you to generate additional turnover. Also, it allows you to limit the risk and provides significant flexibility.

Let’s review the cases in which it is interesting for an e-merchant to entrust all or part of the management of his e-commerce website to professionals.

Many questions for which you can easily find answers and thus remove the obstacles. Powerlab can take charge of the entire management. Or provide support on specific points. This way you limit your investment and risks. While maximizing your chances of success by working with marketing experts.

I am a small business, I have 1 or 2 people in charge of digital marketing, but we lack expertise

Marketing delegation does not necessarily mean outsourcing your entire digital strategy. You can call on specific skills to complement your team. Digital marketing, its techniques, and technologies are constantly evolving. Using an expert agency allows you to get the specific skills you need when you need them. For example, Google Ads or Facebook Ads acquisition campaigns, social media management, or GDPR compliance.

The end-of-year period is crucial in terms of sales, but the human investment is just as important. I lack the resources to meet the demand as I would like.

In this context, it is time to think about delegating. Management does have a cost, but a quick study beforehand will allow you to estimate the return on investment that you can expect. E-commerce delegation may be the resource you needed.

I want to go international with a version of the website in English and all other target languages.

Your website works well in your country and you see the potential to expand into other markets. Translating the site is not a problem for you, but marketing and sales require linguistic, cultural, and technical skills. That you may not have in-house. We invite you to discover how our clients have succeeded in boosting their sales in France and abroad with the help of Powerlab.

I am a small business, I have a seasonal activity and I believe that the online sales potential is too low to amortize the investment

By relying on a marketing delegation service, seasonality is no longer a problem. You can get started quickly, with expert know-how, and expect to achieve optimized, quality results. This formula also gives you more flexibility: increase or reduce your efforts according to market expectations. Finally, the technical support of professionals gives you the possibility to develop new features. Depending on your needs, your agency is at your side to advise you. Let us be your trusted partner.

I have a physical shop and I want to move into online sales to increase my turnover

During and after the March 2020 lockdown, many traders saw their shops close and their shop visits drop drastically. Many have decided to start selling online to continue selling their products. But there are many technical and psychological barriers:

  • Can I train fast enough to be efficient in time?
  • How do I create an e-commerce website that integrates inventory management, shipping, and billing?
  • How to design and animate sales? Online advertising, social networking, newsletters, many levers for which I don’t always have the skills.
  • Who can help me when I face problems, time-consuming tasks or if the results are not what I expected?


It’s time to get started. Send us an email or leave us a comment. We’d love to talk to you. And to propose solutions adapted to your needs.

In just a few years we have become a reliable, sustainable, and successful partner.

And we would be honored to become your next experts in this digitalization process.

Delegating is not about losing control, but about focusing on what really matters: your business.

Learn more about the delegation e-commerce here.

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