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Increase your customer conversions with a multi-levers strategy

SEO, SEA, and SMO have very different objectives at first glance. Yet it is through the combination of these different digital marketing strategies, you will achieve the best results. So why is a multi-levers strategy the most effective way to increase your conversions? Find out here!

The multi-levers strategy: the winning combination of marketing

Several marketing levers are available to you to build your digital strategy: SEO, online advertising, social networks, e-mail marketing… With each lever, you pursue different objectives and obtain varying results in lead generation.

But you should know that levers such as SEO, SEA, and SMO work even more effectively together. When combined in a multi-levers marketing strategy, they work hand in hand for a single result that every company wants: to go beyond the first click to the customer conversion.

How does this multi-levers strategy work?

It leverages each lever to pave the way for the potential prospect and maximize your chances of getting their attention. No matter where they are. Once the prospect’s attention is caught by one lever, the other levers can come into play to follow the interesting prospect and lead to conversion.

This is crucial today because the customer’s buying journey has become more complex. From the moment they discover your products to the moment they convert, the path is often winding. Playing on a single lever can of course lead to a customer’s conversion… But this is increasingly rare!

Conversely, using the whole range of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) maximizes your chances of converting. For example, a prospect may follow you on social networks, find you through a commercial link, or land on your site after reading an interesting blog post.

Let’s see why you should make them work together to boost your conversions.

Complementarity of the different acquisition levers: what are the advantages of using them together?

Focusing on 1 single marketing strategy does not make sense anymore. Using the different levers together is essential. Find out why.

Avoid putting all your eggs in one basket

Let’s say you choose to focus on SEO alone. If Google’s algorithms are updated, your traffic can fluctuate and your previously well-positioned site can drop overnight. Imagine the impact on your turnover!

In the same way, doing only SEA is also counterproductive: SEA does not have the same effects and does not pursue the same objectives as SEO. Moreover, it is a short-term strategy that does not lead to sustainable results: your ads disappear as soon as you stop paying.

Finally, even social networks do not belong to you! Here too, a change or even the closure of a network (unlikely if you rely on the big social networks, but not impossible all the same) can impact your hard-won popularity overnight.

In short, multiplying your approaches and spreading your marketing budget avoids becoming dependent on a single source of traffic.

Inspire confidence in your business

Trust in your company is fed by various signals.

The Quality Score is a score from 1 to 10 given by Google that reflects the relevance and consistency of your keywords, your ads, and your landing pages. The interest of a good Quality Score is to reduce the cost per click. But also to obtain a better placement of your Google Ads (Adwords). However, we know that a good Quality Score depends in particular on compliance with good SEO practices. In other words, the quality of your SEA and your SEO go hand in hand!

Furthermore, the importance of an SMO (Social Media Optimization) strategy in the reputation of a company is no longer in question. Nowadays, you can’t do without a presence on social networks. Not having one may seem strange. Or even suspicious to your customers who may wonder if you have something to hide. In any case, not having a defined strategy on social networks seems very out of step with the times…

Don’t forget the value of branding campaigns on Google Ad to prevent your competitors from ranking on your keywords. By bidding on your brand name, you prevent them from capturing part of your traffic. And you work on your reputation.

Multiplying the levers, therefore, makes it possible to increase trust in your company and to improve your brand image.

Increase your traffic effectively

Everyone knows: SEO is a long-term strategy. Creating quality content and optimising it brings organic traffic to your website that will grow over time. On the other hand, paid search provides faster results than SEO and attracts a more qualified audience. Let’s not forget that social media can be displayed in search results since 2010. It is therefore also a traffic acquisition lever for your website that should not be neglected.

SEO, SEA and SMO strategies therefore work in a complementary way to make you visible on the first page of search results. And significantly increase traffic to your website.

Some examples of successful SEO and SEA synergies:

  • During the start-up period of a website, when you are just beginning to produce content, it is a good idea to publicise your website through advertising. This will get you your first visitors quickly. Which will avoid you having to endure a “desert crossing” while your SEO bears fruit (count on average 3 to 6 months);
  • Another possibility is to test your keywords in sponsored ads to identify the most profitable keywords. Or to find new ones. The idea is then to use the best ones in your SEO strategy to save time and rank faster.

Optimise your visibility and your chances of converting

Today, the customer journey has become omnichannel: the customer no longer concentrates on a single channel but uses all the contact points available to him before buying. They fill in a contact form on your website, call you on the phone, send you a message on Facebook, etc.

In other words, if your prospects are all over the place, you need to be as present as possible everywhere. This is all the more true as this potential prospect is bombarded with information every day. It is therefore essential to make yourself visible to them by using all the means at your disposal.

With a multi-levers strategy, you increase your chances of meeting this prospect and capturing his attention. It is important to remember that each element of SEM is used at different moments in the buying process.

For example, social networks work on your branding and are often the gateway to discovering your brand. While search is the winner in lead generation and the first medium that prospects use when searching for product information.

And it is inevitably thanks to the combination of all these strategies that you succeed in convincing and converting the prospect!

Don’t choose between SEO, SEA and SMO! Working together these different marketing levers in a global strategy will allow you to increase your conversions.

In the article : Be at the top of your game with acquisition levers, we explain you how to be efficient.


You will have understood that it is essential for your company to be visible! This is the way to attract new customers and to keep your business going.

Contact us to find out more. We will be happy to help you and to propose you solutions adapted to your needs.

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