What is the european e-commerce ?


E-commerce refers to all commercial transactions that take place remotely on the Internet. In short, e-commerce refers to sales on the Internet. The purchase is made through various channels and media: tablet, smartphone, computer. They are the main channel for distance selling.

Single Market

In Europe e-commerce is an association representing more than 100,000 companies selling goods and/or services online to consumers in Europe.

E-commerce strives for a fair and competitive Single market. Where European commerce shopping can flourish. Establishing a global-level playfield has never been more important.

The growth of digital commerce and the path of innovation will require a strong political commitment.

The guidelines of the European Commission

That’s why the European Commission breaks down online barriers so that people may enjoy full access to all goods and services offered online by businesses in the EU. Ending unjustified cross-border barriers, facilitating cheaper cross-border parcel deliveries, protection of online customer rights, and promoting cross-border access to online content are cornerstones of the Digital Single Market Strategy.

The EU has made it easier and safer for European consumers to shop online no matter where they are in the EU. To realize the full potential of eCommerce, the EU has worked on:
– the revised of the Payment Services Directive and new rules on cross-border parcel delivery services that are already in force;
– new rules to stop unjustified geo-blocking;
– revised consumer protection rules that are and will enter into force during 2020;
– new VAT rules for online sales of goods and services will enter into force in 2021

European e-commerce futur

Recent forecasts have shown that European e-commerce will continue to grow fast. with revenues reaching over half a trillion U.S. dollars in the next few years. This comes as no surprise as across the EU the share of e-commerce users is as high as 80 percent in the most mature e-commerce markets.

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